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Aidan O’Shane

Aidan O’Shane

My Story:
Hello! My name is Aidan O’Shane. I am a high school student in Pittsburgh, PA. I have the primary immune deficiency X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA). When I was young I had many health issues, but no doctors could treat my health issues until I was diagnosed with XLA. XLA is a primary immune deficiency that prevents the body from creating antibodies, severely weakening the immune system. I receive treatment for my immune deficiency, but even while receiving treatment XLA still affects my day-to-day life.

Why the IDF?:
I was lucky to get my diagnosis because many people with primary immune deficiencies struggle receiving a diagnosis. Without diagnosis, patients cannot receive proper treatment. It is estimated that on average it takes 9-15 years to receive a diagnosis after first suffering from symptoms of a primary immune deficiency. The Immune Deficiency Foundation strives to improve diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people with primary immune deficiencies because thousands go undiagnosed.


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