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Mystery Art by the Lembkes

Amanda Fielder-Lembke

Amanda Fielder-Lembke

This year, in addition to the regular Walk for PI fundraising page, we thought we would try a DIY Fundraiser. We are calling this “Mystery Art by the Lembkes”.

Art is something we enjoy doing together as a family with our Chipmunks, so we came up with this fun idea to raise funds for IDF. (FYI - We are foster parents and cannot publicly share any identifying information about the children, so we lovingly refer to them as the Chipmunks.)

Here are the details and pricing information:

Option 1:
For a $5 donation, you will get one hand-drawn and colored picture. The catch? You won’t know what the drawing will be of, or which of the four of us drew it, until you receive it! We are putting the FUN in fundraiser! 😊

Option 2:
For a $15 donation, you will get four hand-drawn and colored pictures. You will get one drawing from each of the four of us, and they will be of different things.

Option 3:
For a $20 donation, you can submit a picture (of your pet, your family, a landscape, whatever) that you would like us to draw and color. The catch? You won’t know which of the four of us drew it, until you receive it! Remember – this is a FUNdraiser!

Option 4:
You can simply make a donation and opt for no artwork. The donations made through this DIY Fundraising page will sync up to my personal Walk for PI fundraising page, once that is live. So, any donation to this page, will also help me reach my personal fundraising goal for the year.

Additional comments: Put your Option choice in the comments when you make your donation. If you opt for Option 1-3, please let us know where you would like your artwork sent. You can email me at a.fielder.lembke@gmail.com. If you opt for Option 3, please also email the picture you want us to use for our example.

Lots of love,
The Lembkes

Disclaimer: None of us are professional artists in the slightest. This is all for FUN to raise money for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.


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