ZEBRA CAKE INGREDIENTS Non-Food Items Needed • Cooking Spray/Grease • Pans/cooking dishes (non-glass preferred) The deeper and bigger the pan, the less pans you will need. • Spreading Utensil(Knife, Spatula, or something to spread icing) • 3 mixing containers(bowls, food processors, anything to mix in(you can always clean one for the icing and use 2 mixing containers if you need to) • Pizza Cutter or sharp knife(Only if use fondant) • Rolling Pin(Only if use fondant) • Wax/Parchment Paper(Only if use fondant) For the Cake • 1 box classic white cake mix • 1 box chocolate cake mix preferably triple chocolate or fudge to make it dark • Optional black food coloring to darken chocolate cake • Optional white food coloring • 6 eggs • 2/3 cup of canola oil (vegetable will do as a substitute) • 2 cups of Whole Milk Icing • 1 stick softened butter • 2 8oz sticks of cream cheese softened before use • 4 cups powdered domino 10x sugar • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (can use imitation but affects the taste) • Optional white food coloring to lighten the icing can also be used to lighten the classic white cake Topping • 16oz ready to use black fondant or Black Decorative Gel Icing • Powdered sugar