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Darcy’s 21st Birthday Fundraiser

Darcy Gott

Darcy Gott

Hello all!

As many of you know, I am an active member of the IDF community, a group that has helped me in more ways than I can count! In a little over a month (on June 12), I will be celebrating my 21st birthday!! 🥂

In honor of this special day, I am asking my fellow friends, family, or anyone else to donate to IDF by “buying me a drink” 😜. Here are the following “drinks” you could buy for me:
$3 donated to buy me a seltzer
$5 donated to buy me a beer or a glass of wine
$7 to buy me a shot
$10 to buy me a cocktail
$15 to buy me a glass of champagne

Orrrr, if you’re feeling really giving, you could donate $21 in honor of me turning 21! I hope you will consider donating to such an awesome organization and helping me celebrate in the best way possible! ❤️

Thank you,
Darcy 🦓💜


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