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$25.00 ? Anonymous
I’m diagnosed since 2019. Please investigate in Research. I‘m studying social work MSc the reason why i‘m not able (at the moment) to spend more. But I think i‘m really good in activiate all my contacts with more money.
$25.00 ? Anonymous
We wish we could donate more, but my husband and I are retired now and have to live on our savings. However, we so appreciate the work that your foundation does for people like our daughter and we will try to donate as often as possible. Thank you for all that you do for so many!
$25.00 MR Mary Rashid
$50.00 AE Alice Embree
$250.00 ? Anonymous
Do wish you could have found last year’s donation, since I decide not get receipt for it. I am in critical need for help with my secondary Medicare Related insurer, Empire. Just looked and say that they claim I put in $379,000 in claims since the first of this year. I also see that both my husband and disabled son were deleted as being covered. I am totally out of IgG to infuse tomorrow. My husband has scheduled eye surgery next weei. Institution where my son lives was caught apparently double billing for $15,000 every month for “$15,000 for residential drug treatment,”’ but since he is placed for severe autism, that is a bold face lie. HIS case manager reported that to the State of NJ who seemed to have done nothing except inform the agency of who reported them. I need this fixed since I am not totally our of IgG/. Nancy Byrne
$1,000.00 DD David_Jan Dougherty
Sincerely in memory of (Stephen) Michael Knott on his passing on August 8, 2021. We miss him dearly.
$25.00 CO Cheri Olivier
$100.00 aW angela Wolf
$100.00 AG Amy Gray
$100.00 MG Melanie Greenberg
You're a rockstar, JP!