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$25.00 ? Anonymous
I’m diagnosed since 2019. Please investigate in Research. I‘m studying social work MSc the reason why i‘m not able (at the moment) to spend more. But I think i‘m really good in activiate all my contacts with more money.
$25.00 AN Ayush Narayan
$25.00 RP Richard Petrelli
$10.00 HK Heidi Kohn
As. a person diagnosed with PI, IDF has been a valuable source of support, and a resource of information that I can trust! Thanks so much for all of your hard work, and including IDF’s important advocacy on behalf of the PI community.
$100.00 AA All Hands Vending All Hands Vending
You are paired up with one of our location and will receive 10% of all the profits made from that location, have a wonderful Day!
$10.00 ? Anonymous
$25.00 ? Anonymous
AM Anne Moeller
In memory of Doug Murphy.
$100.00 ? Anonymous