Plasma Hero

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Become a Hero. Donate Plasma.

Plasma makes up 55% of blood and is one of the most critical components as it carries cells and proteins through the body. Plasma is used often as a treatment for trauma, burn, or shock patients, but it's also used to create plasma protein therapies that help treat a wide variety of chronic, rare diseases. These plasma-derived therapies are developed by using donated human plasma and are used to replace missing or deficient proteins in the individual, which allows them to lead a healthier life. 

Plasma-derived therapies can only be created through donated plasma. This means, the more people who donate plasma, the more people can be treated. Without donors, there will be a shortage of these plasma-derived therapies. By donating plasma, you help save lives.

You become a plasma hero.

But There's More You Can Do.

With the global demand for plasma rising, the need for plasma donors is at a critical mass. Now more than ever we need heroes, like you, to not only donate plasma but to help us spread awareness on the importance of plasma donation. We need those who are already plasma heroes to once again use their abilities to encourage others, to donate more than plasma, to help save the lives of those who need it. 

By making a monetary donation to the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), you're allowing us to continue our work and utilize the Plasma Hero initiative. Through Plasma Hero, we're able to reach more potential plasma donors and help them understand the importance of this lifesaving liquid. Plasma Hero is here to 
guide individuals through the journey of plasma donation, encourage others to donate, and better support those who rely on plasma-based products.

With your donation, we can do more. 


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